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Structure Experience Learning (Skill Development Laboratory)

Skill is understood as an expertise and practiced ability. Skills assume importance in any professional practice. Field Practicum by and large provides opportunities for students to gain mastery over certain sets of skill that are useful in social work practice. Nonetheless, field experiences in real life situations have certain limitations due to the involvement of human element, where trial and error methods of learning are not desirable. Classroom teaching on the other hand minimizes student participation and restricts hand-on skills learning. The structured experience learning or sill development laboratory provides opportunities to overcome the above limitations. The Institute provides ample opportunities in structured experience learning. In the sill laboratory, the focus is on the development of skills that are important for social work practice and matching abilities through various types of participatory exercises. Exercises and sessions are conducted to sharpen skills pertaining to: perception; sensitivity; self-awareness; communication; skills for working with individuals, groups and communities; presentation; organization; and administration. The skill-lab provides a safe and supportive environment where students are allowed to make mistakes and learn in a non-threatening atmosphere.